CWB Universe

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The CWB are a civilization dominated by beasts that live on Spectry Galaxy. They are very intelligent beings that have been watching us for years. They to want to modify their appearance for be like humans or similars, with the difference that they have special abilities beyond our understanding. Some took more common references and others were overly inspired by science fiction movies. They became obsessed with humans and their appearance because they want to come to our planet as theirs is about to be destroyed.

From Wiltrex, their planet, they have been investigating how to come to our planet… luckily they found a galactic gateway called Opensea that seemed to have a great connection with Earth planet.  The only problem was that they needed some space crystals to be able to cross it, according to the humans they are called Ethereum. They got some crystals but not enough to cross the portal.

For this reason they sent a help signal to Earth to be able to carry out the mission. The signal was received by Sara Gummy and for this reason she became the commander of the mission from earth.  A first crew has just taken off to start the 020 mission, if the landing is successful they will send more crews to earth.